Why can't I let go?

I started seeing a guy a year ago. We never defined or questioned what we were doing. He moved out of the country after 5 months, he got into a relationship. I was a small but hurt but seemed to get over if fast? I, in the meantime started seeing a different guy ( nothing serious though ). He then returned home and contacted me straight away, we then got back into where we left off.. Still not defining what was going on. I think I was afraid to bring it up, maybe I have commitment issues? :( this continued for another 3 months. Until, I hadn't heard from him in a week, I had a feeling he had met someone else.. I was right. He is now in a relationship! I felt a bit hurt yet again, but moved on and started seeing a different guy. I can't seem to get him out of my head! He hasn't spoke to me since his new relationship, I never did anything wrong.. I was just dropped, with no explanation! Why can't I let him go..? Any advise?


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  • Because you are crazy for him...he was always a challenge for you and you loved ir, probably more than the other guys that you dated, they were probably much easier and they chase you all the time, you were not as interested because you had them on the palm of your hand. So yes you do have commitment issues.

    • He didn't seem like a challenge? I believe you are right in what you are saying though. How can I sort my commitment issues out? :(

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