Need ex-girlfriend advice! She contacted me just yesterday saying how she misses me.

So basically I dated this girl for two years and we loved each other very much. We broke up because of college reasons but then she went off and got another boyfriend. She has been dating him for a month now. She contacted me just yesterday saying how she misses me and how she wants to hang with me. The convo got pretty involved and sexual. But here's my problem, she hasn't contacted me all day today. She has been ignoring me and we are supposed to hang out tomorrow. I can't tell if she was just playing games with me or is she waiting for me to contact her?!


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  • shes playing games with you, don't bother waiting for her, an ex is an ex for mnay reasons, there's a lot of fish in the sea, a lot of girls who will not make you wait :)

    • Yes I agree. This is what I have been thinking. But why does she do it?

    • when she contacted you, she must be having problems with her boyfriend that's why he thought about you as fall back, but them we don't know whathappened, maybe she got back together woth him so she forgot about calling you.

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