Am I worth a second chance or not? WHAT AM I MISSING?

Me an ex together for a year now in the past year I have tried to prove myself to him I hurt him really bad in the past an I know he's confused mind you any times he ask for anything I'm there for him vice versa I've stayed single because my love is so strong for him there's no point of hurting anyone else he gets mad when I have male friends an say he doesn't want them around of son loves to smart towards them to but won't come back he always says I was wife material but I truly hurt him an always bring up how good I was to him I tried to get do everything in my power to win him back 100% what am I missing do I not deserve a second chance I mean he pushed me away the 1st time around but said I took it to far dealing with another man


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  • Move on. Sometimes you need to know when to hang it up.


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