How to stop talking to someone you can't be with?

There is a guy, "Tom," whom I talk to almost everyday on Facebook or text. He lives in another state but we see each other about once a month for a weekend. I've gotten to know him pretty well and we flirt around harmlessly, and I know he liked me at one point (possibly still) and I liked him. But I just don't see this relationship going anywhere. How can I break things off? I will still have to see him monthly and I don't want things to be awkward. Some friends suggested I always just say I have to go when he messages me, but I feel like that's rude. Any advice?


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  • Just don't flirt as much, be indifferent. You have to be clear though when you do this, if you don't see the relationship going anywhere don't lead him on. So be friendly but not flirty, because I think it'd be a bit rude too to just "have to leave" when he messages you, believe me that speaks volumes and hurts...


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