My Ex and I started talking and now he says he feels guilty talking to me again?

We hadn't spoken in months last time we spoke he told me he wanted to be with me and broke up with his girlfriend. I didn't know if he was for real and kinda told him I needed time to make sure it was what I wanted. So we fought because he got back with his ex and I wanted him back. He wanted to be friends but I told him that was too hard to do for me. We stopped talking and the other day I sent him a message apologizing about what had happened and I told him I still had feelings and hoped him and his girlfriend are doing good. We continued talking and he told me he was on and off with her since our fight. He said that he told her that he felt like I cared about him more than she did that day. He told me he did care about me. But this morning texts me and says that he feels guilty for texting me and he shouldn't have? what's going on?


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