Would you break up with the guy or try to talk things out with him?

If you were seeing a guy who may have rushed things with you, would you break up with him or would you try to talk with him about it to make things work?

Does it make a difference if you're sincerely interested in him and if you're actually not interested?


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  • Define 'rushed things'.

    • tried to label things too fast, not clingy or desperate necessarily but just tried to contact often because of long distance, didn't let things happen in time but rather rushed these things. sincere in everything though

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    • Hmm you could tell huh, yeah I remember your answer to my other question.

      So you're saying if a guy rushed things with you, your response wouldn't be to break up if you were sincerely interested?

      That's what I've been thinking how it goes this whole time... Never gave it thought that she could've talked things through with me.

    • She would've definitely talked things through if she was into you.

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