After a break-up I can't get myself to start a new relationship again...

It has been almost a year after breaking up with the last guy. He hurt my feeling so much, my memory about him is not good.. so, reunite will never be a choice for me.. never!

Problem is.. I cannot get myself to feel interested in a new relationship ever since. I am kinda bored of starting over again. May be I am done with guys in general... sigh... I hate this feeling... may be I was born to be 'alone.'?


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  • The guy has just took the wind out of you, and because its probably still raw in your mind of how the breakup went, your body needs time to regain confidence in that situation again, so give yourself some time, because the emotions will come back, and you will realize that doing ot all over again can become quite exciting, but the reason we feel like this is because most of us get in a relationship in the hope that there's not another one, so when it don't work out like that, we need time to recover, give yourself a bit of you time and before you know it your be on the prowl for a fella again lol, good luck,x


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