I'm still not over my ex cheating on me months ago.

On April 9th, my ex cheated on me with her at-the-time ex boyfriend while she was out of the city. I was devastated for a month or two and slowly started to get back on my feet.

I am currently on my feet, however, I find it so hard to connect with women again. I mean, really. I'm at the point where I just feel this unreasonable amount of anger and distaste for most women. I try to talk to them, to become serious with them, but when they start showing interest in me, I just back off.

One reason I think I do this is out of fear of being cheated on again. I am just afraid that if I date somebody else, I won't be able to trust them because from my experience, women will cheat if they are unhappy with a certain aspect of the relationship.

I don't miss my ex in the least. Sure, she was nice and a sweetheart occasionally, but for the most part she was a very terrible person who treated me and my entire family like an object.

I don't know what to do. I have been going to the gym and have been feeling better about myself, I have been getting good grades in college, but for some reason I seem to be carrying this baggage and I need to get over it, but I don't know how.

I've slept with different girls since the break up, but that seems to be the only type of relationship that I can cultivate with anybody - a f*ck and chuck or a one night stand. I guess I just want to have a woman who truly, deeply loves me, but I don't know where to look and I feel lost.

Help please. Anybody.


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  • I have to say, I know exactly how you feel. My Ex-boyfriend of two years cheated on me with some random bar girl. I didn't find out about this until a couple months after we broke-up, but after I found out I could barely breathe. It been two years now since we broke up and to be honest I still struggle with it. I've had my fair share of hook-ups but once it gets serious, I run the other way. With all this said, deep down inside I know there's someone out there. I'm one of those cheesy people that belives everyone has someone out there for them, you just gotta plow through some ugly stuff before you find them. When you find them, you'll feel it. It'll be when the time is right, and you'll just know :)


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  • ive been there, I've also been cheated on and it sucked, I forgaved my partner and it was very difficult to trust anything that came out his mouth. My advice to you is to take a risk not every girl is the same just take time to get to know that person before even asking her to be your girlfriend. and to that girl who did you wrong f.u.c.k her she didn't know what she had and god put her in your life so you could know who not to date


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  • The love thing is probably just going to take time man. Try and just enjoy your youth and if something serious comes then go for it. I was cheated on recently and it was the worst week of my life by far. A friend of mine believes that most women will just cheat and I am starting to think this as well. He has a winery where he gets pretty close to the people that he sells wine to. A lot of the women are either married or engaged but under a certain emotional situation they tend to mess with him or his partners, sexually. I may just be jaded right now but I'm not sure if you can ever really trust someone. A relationship will always be conditional and if you get your girl in the right situation with the right emotions with alcohol a lot can be possible.


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