Why do exes contact out of the blue, talk, flirt, then..

My ex came out of the blue..He initiates contact twice, then after he doesn't talk to me anymore, we have been talking for three days straight, he will if I initiate contact, but I want to know what is his purpose in coming back? I still like the guy and our last encounter we almost kissed but he then backed off, he told me he thinks of me and likes me, buzzed. I asked him if he remembers everything and he said he does, because I got in trouble and he pointed that out again. He knows I like him and was trying for 3 months, why would he come back now? I broke up with him because I felt it,. He didn't want me back, we have been broken up for six months now. why does he want to even talk to me? The first time we tried friends, he said I bugged and didn't work. What is his purpose?


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  • Honestly in most cases the guy gets lonely texts the girl for some type or recognition to feel better about himself, then he forgets about it again. This is if he just randomly texts you out of the blue every now and then more than a few times.

    • stupid guys, they just get people's hopes up

    • Yeah I did it a few times before, it is a complete d*** move so I stopped they don't mean to hurt anyone they just do it out of habit

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  • Mayvbe he just likes you, even if you can't get along as a couple. That happens a lot!


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  • Me and my ex randomly did that a few times over several years without either of us meaning anything. We ended on good terms, became friends and just talked from time to time.


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