She ended it a week ago,my heart is really broken.I want her back! Not sure what to do?

This is lengthy,so pls bare with me (apologies for detailed story). We have known each other since primary school,I did'nt really give her attention back then. She tried to reach out to me a couple years back on FB,but again I did'nt really try you know (im giving this info bcoz I'm nt sure if it affected the outcome or not,like she's just wanted to get me back or something). 5 months ago we met,and we clicked instsantly so well,the connection was awesome,physically mentally it was all there, friendship,love etc. We even spoke of marriage,and all that stuff. We fell in love really fast & we could tell we were meant to be. We had the normal arguements & fights here and there,broke-up a couple times over things like; her college work-load,personal issues @ home,insecurities and fights etc. So like 2 weeks-ago,we had a fight bcoz I was looking @ sum pics of us on her bb. While I was scrolling thru, I saw a pic of her and sum guy that she said was just a friend & I gt angry and left her,we chatted l8r that night and we made-up like 2days later (even though she said insecurities upset her and she wanted to break-up,she was gonna give us another chance because she thought it would have been selfish of her not to. She said relationships were actually not for her and it was gonna take time). Once we got back together I did everything, & made an effort because of what I genuinely felt for her. I love her and she told me she loved me 2 even more, but I could tell something was wrong and she wasn't the same towards me. A week ago we were chatting & things looked promising, but I told her she wasn't being the same with me. From there on she told me she really didn't want to b with me anymore (that to me was like a knife to the heart), she ended it and I said only being friends with her was to hard for me & I felt to much for her to only be her friend. When I ask her why now, she tells me that its not me its her and wants me to leave her alone (when I ask, she never really gives me a straight answer, a lot of mixed-up crap, & it's really confusing). I really love her, & all I want is to have a back again...


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  • Of course you are going to want her back. You fell hard for her, but ultimately, you're going to have to pretend she's dead and gone. Thus, you grieve and you cry and you listen to cheesy, sad love songs. You remember and appreciate the good times you had with her. In the end, you can only feel sorry for yourself for a bit, but you eventually have to dust yourself off and get up and live. It's easier said than done. I am going through the same process, but it's over a crush. At least you had a chance to be with someone. I never got it; so, it could be worst. You keep yourself busy and do things that are constructive that will make you stronger both physically and mentally. Thus, you can feel better about yourself. It's very easy to feel sorry for yourself and go fall into a path of destruction, i.e. drugs. You will need time to feel sorry for yourself. It is healthy to just let the pain out. You just have to keep on fighting; who knows, she might come back, but be prepared for the worst. There are others, and you will find love once again.

    • We sent a few texts back and forth. I wrote her a really heartfelt letter with her fav flowers, but she keeps on saying she dsnt want 2b with anyone and can only offer me friendship for now. I'm trying real hard not to lose hope...

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