Why does he contact me now?

Me and my ex have been up and down for the past 10 months now...we break up, he gets back in touch, and really hurts me again.

I know what your going to say, don't answer his calls/texts, but I always think he is going to change! I'm stupid because I let him do it to me.

I really care for him though, however dull I am I'm in love with him.

Last week he contacts me after no contact for 6 weeks and he comes over my house as if nothing has happened. He tells me he's been on a dating site and had a couple of dates, but that he's now deleted his account on the dating site. Little does he know I checked the next day and he's on there! I mean what the hell!

Men...why does he contact me now and again...and what do you think his game is? Its as if, he cannot find anyone so he just comes back to me!

I seem to be getting on then he comes back and I'm emotional wreak, crying myself to sleep every night and constantly thinking about him. What can I do? I feel like I'm never gonna meet anyone, whilst he is living the dream! Please help me understand...how a man's mind works! Thank You in advance xx


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  • you prob won't like this, but the best thing to do is split up and have NO contact with this guy for a few months so you can properly get over it. It means ignoring his calls and messages and DONT see him in person.

    He is lying to you and seems like a jerk to be honest. It will be hard but something you have to do to get over him! Don't let yourself be hurt or put out for him, as it seems he is moving on himself but won't allow you to.

    • Yeh I totally understand, this time round I know I have to ignore him! He's taking the p*ss true style. I just don't understand why he always comes back...I haven't bothered him, so I wish he would leave me alone. He tells me he misses me and he doesn't want anyone else etc etc.

      When I'm actually feeling stronger I allow him back into my life to mess me around.

      My self confidence is shattered and I feel like nobody would want me...this is all to do with him xx Thank You

    • Well that is what he wants. Without knowing much detail, it seems that he doesn't want you to move on and get anyone else, which is why he keeps coming back, telling you lies while still trying to find someone else himself. As I said, you need to be strong and have NO contact with him for about 6 months or so. It seems like a long time but it will go quickly and you need that time to get over him. So when he trys, you can say NO. been through something similar myself :) x

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  • He is selfishly keep you in his back pocket. He knows whenever he feels the need for your attention, you will be there with open arms. As hard as this may be, don't answer his calls/texts for awhile. He will come running. Believe me, I had to do this same thing.

    • Thank You Hunny xx The problem is I love him yet not sure If I want or have a future with him.

      I don't think he will call/text again...this as been going on for 10months and I'm so tired of it.

      Whatever I am, I know I deserve more than him. I have just got to work on my self confidence and self esteem xxxxx

    • Yup, seems like you do. No one deserves to be second and that is where you are right now. Whenever you feel down or want to talk with him, just think of all the negative stuff and you will get over that urge. Better days to come.

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