What are ways to get back with your ex-boyfriend who broke up with you?

I have been going out with my boyfriend for 2 years and half and he broke up with me, saying he needs space and think and pray if I am the right girlfriend for him. But than it has been over 2-3 weeks and he doesn't seem to care...I want him back I realized that I reallly love him.


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  • Re-discover yourself and who you want to be in life. This might not only help him to see you in a new light but will help you get through this period of your life. There is o magic way to get your boyfriend back, however, there are ways to remind him of how you are good for him. Giving him the space he needs and asked for will be hard but is the best thing that you can do.

    • Than what are ways to remind him that I am goood for him? I really love him and I want to start over and let him know that I know what I have to fix and work on.

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    • I am willing to wait for awhile if it means I get to be with him, but than I hope to be with him soon...

    • My ex boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago after 2 years of dating. I did everything you shouldn't do after the break-up and all I did was push him away. I still love him and want a future with him. I know that I'm different from the girl he dated for the better. I've been waiting around for him to notice the changes (which he says that he has noticed) in me. However, I've started to realize that I'm not going to waste my life on waiting around for him.

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  • Give him the space, however long it may take. Don't call or text, this will only push him away more. Let him come to you, as hard as it may be. Wait it out...and if its meant to be, he'll come back. If not, there is another path planned for you. Just think of it that way.

  • leave it alone and let him decide. there is no way to force a relationship


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