I have to stop being around my ex. Is this a good idea?

One minute it's so clear how my ex feels about me, his actions show it, and he even says it -

But then he says he doesn't know how feels about me.

This happens all the time. Why does this happen?

I've decided that since he's been doing this for so long, I guess I have to stop being around for him and show him what it's like to lose me (and maybe even move on in the process.) Is this a good idea?

If you could answer both questions that'd be great.


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  • yeah its a great idea to move on, because it sounds like he is picking you up by telling you or showing you he cares, then dropping you back down when he says he don't know, so he is basically keeping you hanging on in case nothing better comes along, so yeah, stay away, because he will soon realize what talent he has lost in you and come crawling, good luck,x

  • sounds like he wants you around because its better than nothing, but he is also on the lookout for someone better so he is flaky


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