What are some subtle signs to get back together?

Just wondering what everyone's opinion on what subtle signs a girl might toss out there if she broke up and wanted to get back together, aside from the obvious? (Just telling you) Especially if you see them and talk to them a lot.


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  • If she spends more time with you, has recently broken up wiith a boyfriend and finds ways to talk to you. have any of those things been happening? If then have then most likely she wants to get back together but if not then you're probablly just imagining it...hope that helped!

    • The spending more time with me is a little complicated, but yes she has. as I said below she has been flirting with me and teasing me. Bringing up things we were gonna do. Like her birthday. Spending extra time around me when there isn't a need. Not really calling or anything though. there has been no boyfriend since me. I'm 100% sure of that. Maybe a date. its only been a month. I'm sure I'm imagining some of it. :)

    • Yeah she totally likes you. If she didn't then she wouldn't be flirting with you and bringing up the past. trust me :D

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  • perhaps if she is trying to get your attention or are pretty straight forward and tells you that wants to be back with you, if you don't mind me asking, what are some of the things that guys do or signs that he wants to be back with his ex-girlfriend?

    • Well she has been flirting with me and teasing me. Bringing up things we were gonna do. Like her birthday. Keeps talking about how no one ever remembers it, like she doesn't want me to forget it.

      As far as what I guy may do... I've never been in that situation, but I would, depending on the situation, be pretty straight forward. If you were chatty and flirting with me, I would do it back pretty heavily. It all depends on the type of person though and if he would be the type to screw with you or not

  • I think that older you get the harder it is. After awhile you know that people are done playing games and have other things to focus on.

    I don't know that I would tell him because I might be afraid that he didn't have the same feelings. I'd text, invite him out when I know its going to be just us and just go out of my way to make sure he noticed me


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