Would you confront your significant other if you thought they were cheating?

I think that my boyfriend is cheating, should I confront him? And how should I do it (I'm really not a hothead, so it would be a calm discussion)?


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  • I wouldn't confront her.

    • why not

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    • so if you really love someone, it shouldn't matter

    • Not enough to destroy the relationship, no.

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  • yes. just ask him straightforwardly, and watch his reaction/body language as well as his response. At best, you find out. At worst, you look like a moron. That happens to all of us, every day, and its very temporary. Better to find out. You might also want to explain why you are suspicious.

    • im just afraid if I'm wrong, he may think I don't trust him

    • yeah, that's understandable. If you do ask him though, I'm not sure how that awkwardness is avoidable.

      How sure are you? Or what makes you think he is in the first place?

    • im not really sure, I just found something in his house yesterday that was strange

  • let's see:

    - ask if he's hanging out with one of his friends..

    - if he is just casually ask 'oh how is SHE(say that word)'

    - if he doesn't correct you then ask what him and her are doing.

    - Whatever it is decide whether to finally confront him.

  • If I had proof, yes I'd probably confront her and then break up. If I just had a feeling, I would just break up with her.

    • i really don't have any concrete proof, but I found something strange in his house

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    • "a strange stain on his bedsheets"

      He can have been masturbating.

    • it was blood. he said his dog was on her period

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  • You should just ask. By waiting you're building up your suspicions and doubts and creating anxiety for yourself and your boyfriend who probably noticed a change in you since you've come to this conclusion. When you do ask him about it try not to be angry or confrontational, or he could feel threatened and either completely lie to you or question your relationship if he's not. If he is cheating it's for the best to keep it civil, as much as a needed bottle-throwing name-calling is warranted, it's not good.

    • but what do I say, how do I start the conversation off

    • "hey something's been bothering me", "this may sound silly but...", "can I be honest with you?"

  • of course you should. don't accuse him of cheating, though. not unless you're 100% sure about it.

    • how would you start the conversation off then

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