Can you really blame cheating on the other person?

Seeing all the questions about cheating has made me think about something.

People, especially women, are quick to blame the other person when someone cheats. So, when a boyfriend cheats, many women insist that the other woman seduced their boyfriend.

However, what ever happened to the guy's ability to say no? You can't make anyone do anything they don't want to do, this includes cheating. Not alcohol, not another woman, etc. A person cheats because they have been wanting to or have already been cheating.

If you love your significant other, and truly want to be with them and only them, there is no one that can pull you two apart.

However, if you have your doubts, and feel less and less committed, then you are absolutely going to be more likely to cheat, and all you need is opportunity. There are two kinds of cheaters- ones that CREATE opportunities, and ones that take advantage of an opportunity. This means it doesn't matter who the girl is, if they make a move, and she is reasonably attractive, the guy will cheat.

To place the blame on the other woman, is a bit quick. Yes, she could have said no when she found out he had a girlfriend but so could he. He could have said no at any point.

As a matter of fact, I'm willing to bet there was a whole hell of a lot less "seduction'" happening than one would likely think,


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it take two to cheat. If a guy really love his girlfriend he shouldn't be talking to another girls. Some girls like to go after married or not single men because its a thrill for them. A lot of women will point fingers at the other woman because they love their man too much to believe that he would do that to them.

    • The women may be going for the men, but the men are taking them up on it.

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  • Nope. Only time I ever even consider the other person is if it's your best friend or family member.


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  • If the cheatee knew that the cheater had a bf/gf, then yes, it is BOTH of their faults because it took 2.

    Now there are definitely cases where the cheatee isn't in the know and is strung along, that's a different story.

    And I group all cheaters together. Cheating is cheating and inexcusable. I can't find any justification for it nor can I find justification that the cheatee isn't also to blame.


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