Does he legitimately love me and want to be with me?

Basically we dated for four months, in that time he slept with another girl and kissed another, and basically treated me like crap throughout most of the relationship. We got into another fight about him being secretive with his phone, I broke up him and left, he called and apologized and promised things would get better so I stayed with him. Four days later out of nowhere he texted 'I want to break up'. I was pissed but I said OK. He later text sorry and that he was stupid and wanted to still be with me. I said no. The next day all he did was say sorry and basically begged to be back with me. We made a deal that is he changed I would consider dating him again. he's doing better but I think he's starting to get confident that I'm going to get back with him and has start falling back into him old way but just a little bit.

Does he legitimately love/want to be with me?

And do you think he will go back to the way he use to be if I get back with him?


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  • He might genuinely want to be with you, but he has cheated on you multiple times and treated you poorly. Why did you get into a fight about him being secretive with his phone? Isn't it because you don't trust him anymore? If he's cheated and there's a lack of trust, why are you still even considering staying with him?


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