Ex has become an a**hole since the breakup!

My ex and I had a rather mutual breakup 4/5 months ago - we did the whole trying to be friends, then almost got back together so now we are just really friendly with each other because we run into one another a lot. Anyway recently I have found out a bit of stuff that upsets me and his actions also... 2 weeks before we broke up he was already chatting up one of his ex f*** buddies - which makes me think he never stopped chatting girls up. He was an amazing boyfriend 100% faithful, protective, would do anything for me and I really appreciated him and respected him but now that we are broken up he makes a point of hooking up with 4/5 sluts in front of me (and I'm not a slutty girl) so I don't do the same to him.. but I became good friends with his best friend and we are JUST friends so now he tries to hook up with my friends.

So basically I have found out his an a**hole (before we started dating he said a lot of people thought he was an a**hole but I never saw that side of him) so now I'm seeing it I don't know what to do, should I confront him? should I be a bitch when I see him? or should I just say hi? I don't want to be a crazy ex that is like I know you did this this and this

Please help!


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  • Isn't it funny how that works? Overall, I agree that you shouldn't care, but when he's still in your life with mutual friends, it's hard to get away from it. I'm in the same boat with one of my exes. However, I haven't talked to the guy in ages. But because of mutual friends, I find out misc. stuff and have been given plenty of reasons why I SHOULDN'T miss the guy (it's amazing how you never see this stuff while in the relationship, isn't it?).

    As far as responding- don't. Don't even worry or bother. If he wants to go around being a jack ass, fine. Let him. He's digging his own grave. I'm already seeing the same thing with my ex. I've stayed out of everything and just am privy to info, if anything. I've learned that with some of the bs he does, his friends do NOT care for, and/or are starting to dislike him a little because of it.

    Nice little side note- he ditched me and inadvertently said "get lost." His friends like me and want to keep me around. Says a lot about the situation, doesn't it? Same about yours, too. If his best friend sees nothing wrong with you and is a friend (assuming he has no ulterior motive) post break up, it says more about him than you.

    Let your ex do his little self destructive thing. It sounds like he's being really immature about the entire situation. Let him. He'll look like the fool in the end.

    • wow this has been surprisingly helpful! so thankyou :) Its not that I want him back its just that this is right in my face so frustrating! aha but I will keep my dignity! thanks again!

    • I know you don't want him back. :p I get where you're coming from though. Like I said, very similar situation, except I chose to distance myself (his actions spoke volumes). Glad I did. He's not a douchebag to just me, but his friends as well.

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  • You're broken up. He can do whatever he wants.

    You can do whatever you want. If you want to obsess over it, go ahead. That doesn't change the fact he owes you absolutely nothing.

    • Yes you are right so thankyou :) It's more that I feel like he lied to be about who he was etc that's getting to me! but I think ill just cut the friendship without any confrontation as you said its really none of my business

  • Just be glad you're rid ofhim and be glad you didn't know all this at the time, It would have made everything worse, no? No reason to waste energy on him now.

  • Love is blind!


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