My ex comes and tries to talk to me.

My ex comes out of the blue and tries to email me. I was hesitate to write back, him knowing I still have feelings for him. We have been broken up for 6 months now, 3 months no contact. When I last talked to him, he tells me he likes me and thinks about me. I decided to just say hello in this message, we talk and he doesn't mind it., when before he did when we tried to be friends the first time. He tells me bout his life and asked me questions about mine, he replies fast and he initiated contact again, saying if I as awake. I haven't heard from him in two days I don't want to be the one to contact him because now I'm hurting.. He posted up a post saying," when I close my eyes I see her could the be paradise?" It was around the same time we were talking, He flirts with me in the sense when I say I look good, he would say you sure do. He was talking to an old friend of his and she asked him, so what's up with you no girlfriend? He said well I'm working on it but no ://What are the odds its me? Why would he contact me? I was fine without him, now I think I'm crushed! :( I don't know what to think :(


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  • If he wanted to make it work he would find a way. Sounds like he trying to rehash old feelings that you have and at the same time still be the same ole him. There are many reasons he contacted you and one could be he was lonely. Take a guy with many options he doesn't have time to look back and then take one with none... its all he can do is look back. He maybe sincere to want to talk to you again but, then again he may not be. Let him contact you and don't go out of your way to contact him make him make all the moves and then see what you want to do from there.

    All those things could be about you but, then why the 2 day delay?

    Remember that telling someone after its all over that you still like them gives them the keys to house. They can walk in and break stuff then leave and you are left with the mess.. and they were just having fun.

    Good Luck,


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  • Sounds like you never really healed. You shouldn't be looking at things that can un-bandage that particular wound. Sounds like he's getting around to missing you, but he could be chatting up other people as well. A clean break heals faster but it sounds like you both are hanging on a bit. If it didn't work out the first time, why try again? Were you really missing anything in your life before he came around? I know you want an answer that'll tell you what anyone would want to hear when they are sore over someone, but chances are you're better off staying away from contact with him as well as putting a stop to watching his activity. And would you really want to be around brooding like this if he's referring to another woman? You don't want to be made into the only vulnerable person in this situation again.

    • Agreed totally! Deeleedee hit the nail on the head! Good advice!

  • I disagree with deeleedee. I said he still likes you and wants to get back together. I believe in second chance especially when you are still in love with him. Give love a second chance. Try to work things out. Learn from your mistakes and cherish this second chance. Many people would die for a second chance with the person they love. Don't rush into things. Just let him make the move. Be patient. I'm sure everything will turn out right. I wish you lots of luck.


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