When is it time to give up ?

I was with my girlfriend for almost 3 years everything was perfect always got comments on how much of a good couple we were. when uni ended I moved back home as did she which is about 400 miles away she said everything would be okay until I got to move down to her and she would wait as long as she had to. Not long after she broke it off saying she couldn't see it working and I'd never get moved down. shortly after this I managed to secure a job and a flat near her but we didn't speak and she eventually found someone else she has been with him for the last year and towards the end we started seeing each other more as friends but she would be quite flirty with me eventually her boyfriend dumped her met her a couple more times and things looked good. but now all of a sudden she's randomly got back with the boyfriend she was with like 4 years ago before we met :S even though she was never happy with him and he cheated on her. I don't know what to do i should probably give up but I don't want to I love her so much I've tried dating others girls but the more I do the worse I feel what should I do ?


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  • This is a tough situation maybe you should speak to her and sort through these issues. You will feel better just speakin to her about how you feel and things will get cleared out when she opens up and expresses how she feels about you and this situation.

    Things could go both ways for you she could feel the same way as you do (because 1yr isn't exacly long enough to get over someone at times) or she could aslo express that she no longer feels for you but you will till get the confusion and emotions off your chest which will not only make you feel better but if she has no interest in you, you will no longer feel confusion and may find it easier to move on slowly..

    I hope I made any sense to you :/ goodluck x


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  • Back in her old environment, she reerts to old habits,I guess that's not so surprising. Sad, though

    I guess she never grew up; some people are stuck in adolescence. Forget her and move on.

    Flirt with someone knew, and I'd advise avoiding her as much as possible.

    Don't date compusivley, but flirt all you can. That should distract you until someone new comes along.

  • Girls are retarded when it comes to picking men. I know this as women have fallen for me.

    • because you're great :)

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    • Please note the above comments as examples of my answer.


    • are you making me an example? :O


  • You should have moved somewhere else.

    Moving down to her showed her that she was wrong - if she'd waited, you would have been there. It showed you were the better man, and that you could honor a commitment.

    But staying there said you couldn't get a job or a girlfriend somewhere else. It said that you were going to wait on her, like an emergency boyfriend behind glass. She could turn to you in an emergency.

    Make your plans to leave now. And get the hell out of there.

    • She actually text me one night after we had been out with some friends saying it had been nice to catch up etc and that she doesn't feel happy with how her life is turning out. and that she was impressed how well I'm doing seeing as I have a stable full time job my own flat etc yet she still lives at home with her parents doesn't make much money etc

    • She praised you just enough to keep you dangling as the emergency backup.

      Get out. Stay out.

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