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My boyfriend and I are in a relationship for 1.5 years and he says he loves me a lot. He recently complained saying that unless he says "I love you" first, I don't say it first to him and it makes him wonder if he is forcing me to say it or I really mean it.

He has an ex-girlfriend he did not spoke to for a year, and she was in love with him for years (they were together for about 2 years) and all the emails and messages she sent him when they were together either starts or ends with "I love you" and she begged to see him. He said she was too submissive and was kind of a doormat girl, so he lost his interests on her.

Yesterday, his computer was on so I checked his history. He has gone to his ex's Facebook page numerous times last week, and he even specially "subscribed" her, with "All updates" instead of "most updates" (FB automatically sets "most updates" as a default).

I went to my fb page and his best friends's pages but he has not bothered to subscribe us with "all updates". So obviously she is a special case for him.

Does he still miss her unlike he claims? Did he do that because he was so curious about her life, even little things she puts on her Facebook?

Am I being overly sensitive? How would you feel if your girlfriend specially "subscribe" her ex-boyfriend on FB?

I want my boyfriend to be happy, if he is not happy with me and wants to get back with his ex, I will wish him luck and move on...


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  • I know I’m not a guy, but you should confront him about this. You will never know unless he tells you, and it will keep bothering you. Be specific and explain that you won’t hate him for what he says (unless you think you will) but you love him (if you do – don’t worry about being compared as you say it until you know otherwise) and want him to be happy. …And at the same time, you want to be happy, and this unclarity is bothering you. You want to figure out something that works for both of you.


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