Have you ever gone back to a girl you liked from your past?

How much later? What kept you from her in the first place?


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  • if I ask her out and she rejected me I'd never go back to her because she rejected me and she expect me to help her when she choose a jerk I don't think so so my point is either picks and/or any nice guys and good men or I'm gone and I'll never come back I will move on and I will find a girl who accepts me for who I am.It's her lost,it's her fault , and it's her mess she have to clean it up not my mess I'm not going to come back to her ever since she rejected me so depends on your meaning of this question I hope this answers your question if you got anything to ask me or if you got any questions you like to ask me feel free to ask me and I will see if I can answer your question.

    • I am just wondering if the man I love will come back to me. Wondering how long it takes to miss me. He is dating another but since the break, I have contacted him gently once, asking if I accidentally unfriended him on fb (knowing I didn't but being nonconfrontational). Other than that, I haven't contacted him at all. It's been 4 months. Does no contact work in getting them interested or curious again?

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    • and the only thing I can say is look in your heart and ask yourself do you love him and doe he love me then you'll know what I'm talking about and be honest with yourself and be honest with him or he will think you hate him I advice you be honest with both you and him and good luck

    • then don't a cheater that's just plain wrong if he is cheating on his girlfriend

  • I've never gone back, but honestly, there are a couple individuals that I would get back together with if they wanted.

    • Why haven't you gone back? Do you remember them fondly?

    • The ones that I haven't gone back to, but would, broke it off with me and I respected their reasons and decisions. I do remember them, quite fondly, and I'm not sure if that's healthy.

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