How can I show my ex I care about her?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago from our 5 year relationship. She didn't talk to me until something horrible happened to her father, which was two weeks after she broke up with me. She called me and after that she's been wanting to be around me and talk to me but as friends. The other crazy thing is is that she wants to be with me physically like sex, kissing, holding hands and cuddling, basically be in a relationship without titles.

Her sister tells me she wants a different relationship. When we go out to hang and we're just talking she tells me its not a date and I'm usually confused Because I didn't say anything. She does know that I want her but she seems to believe that I don't love her Because of how the relationship went. It was both our first and I was not good at showing emotion which I regret Because I still love her deeply. So, in a nut shell to me it seems like she thinks of me in a bad light but even though she tells me she's not in love with me that there is something there but she wants her wall up from falling back completely.

I want to get back together with her badly but I feel like I'm in a game. I want to pull myself away so I won't hurt when she tells me I never cared but when she sees me she wants to cuddle or gives me goo goo eyes Because she can't help it. I'd like to find a way to make our friendship stronger so it could have a chance to get back to a more healthy relationship but that wall is up. And I know people have a hard time gaining trust.

I have no idea what to do in general really. I care for her deeply and wish she could see it. I was always there for her when something big happened. But I let my guard down today and told her that I'm nice to her Because I love her. (didnt say in love). And she told me I'm full of crap with a happy face behind it, then called me like nothing happened. This is why I feel like I'm in a game. Why does she want to be around me, cuddle me, do all those things, and then when I open up she tells me its not true? What can I do to show her I care deeply?


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  • the fact that she goes to you with her problems when something big happens seems like she knows you care. if she really thought you didn't care about her then why would you be the one she calls? it seems like she likes having you to talk to and is still physically comfortable with you but maybe just doesn't want a repeat of whatever went wrong in your relationship last time. to me its pretty clear that she wants to be with you but she says your full of crap because she's looking for you to do something to prove how much you care. she doesn't realize that you being there for her all the time does show you care.


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