Want to get back with ex girlfriend?

I want to get back with my ex girl friend. But I don't see her much anymore. Case I'm in college and she is still in high school. you want to start flirting with her over text messages. What exactly should I say to get her to start flirting with me again? please give examples

i want her to actually reply to me and flirt with me too.

more info that mite help:

when I usto text her she never really replyed to them. and when we would text id get "lol, yep, ok,"

relationship lasted 1 year and 2 months and ended a week after she went back to high school and 3 days before I started college.


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  • I would really think about how much time you are actually going to have to see her before you try to reconcile with her. You already say you don't have enough time to even see her now, so how will getting back together help?

    Not trying to dissuade you from getting back with your ex. But really think about why you want to be with her.

    Seems like you ended things really fast, but was it because you wanted to or because you felt you had to because you saw new opportunities at college? And why are you wanting to get back together?

    If you honestly, truly love her and want to get back together because you feel it was a mistake, the best thing you can do is go and see her sometime. Show up at her house, or call her. Ask her when a good time to talk would be. Make time, because if you were the one who broke up, you need to make her see you are really wanting to come back and start again.

    I don't think flirting is what you need to do at this stage, rebuild the foundation first. Get back to that place that you two had before. Then start the flirting stage. Get her to fall back in love with you by showing her that you are that great guy she dated before and you two were great together. I think that is the best way. Flirting without really finding out how she is doing is going to end badly. She may be hurt or mad and starting to flirt with her could seem a little sketchy to her. But if you want to come across as sincere, then I would start by talking to her, finding out how she is doing, and then starting to flirt.

    Flirt by getting excited to hear about her day. Then throw in things like if she told you she went shopping, "Shopping must have been fun, I bet you bought some stuff that looks really cute on you ;)"

    No one can guarantee that what they tell you to say is going to get you the girl. Getting back with an ex is tricky, because there was a reason they became your ex in the first place. I have gotten back with several ex's and it never worked out. Not trying to discourage you from doing it, there are people I know that have been successful. But it has to be both parties wanting the reconciliation and you have to be willing to put in work to get your relationship back to where it was.

    Hopefully you can get her back!

    • i do think it was a mistake for us braking up. she was my best friend and I could tell her anything. I've been in two other relationships seance we broke up and both of them have failed cas I still had feelings for her. it would be bad I was with the other girl and all I could think about was my ex. I had tried to move on but it wouldn't work. we broke up because I think she thalt I was too much of a push over. also she was geting bored with me. out conversations in the end were dryed up

    • Well hopefully what I said helped. Getting back together with your ex is possible, it just takes time. Just try to remember how you won her over the first time and try to make her see that again. Be romantic, but don't come on too strong. Once you get some time alone with her, I would talk to her. Go and see her, and try to make time to see her regularly. Hopefully things work out between you two!

    • thanks me too.

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