Guys? Idiot of ex boyfriend?

why would an ex boyfriend get back in contact with a me out of the blue after a couple of months of being broken up when he has a new girlfriend, then says how much he misses me and wants me back...then I don't hear from him for 3 days and counting?!

guys...any answers?!


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  • I had to laugh because the same thing happened to me, but he still doesn't have a girlfriend. It's funny when they return back in such a lame way.

    You should giggle and never think about getting back with him. He's definitely immature.

    Why? because he misses the narcissistic supply you used to give him. Probably, the new girlfriend doesn't offer him much unlike you, and since he's pretty selfish he's looking for the girl that would please him the most. Both of you, girls, are just a tool for pleasure.

    • men are complete pigs! its weird how you think you know someone, then when you break up with them, they turn into completely diffferent people!

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    • thank you :) I know we'll find caring decent guys one day...maybe it just takes a few years of heart break!

    • Exactly. That's the spirit :)

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