Is friend worth it?

With my friend as he seems to always lie to me, we started dating for a bit but it didn't last long as he was chatting to this random girl on Facebook telling her that he loved her, he told me about her without me even asking he was like you don't have to worry about her as she is a lesbian, which I found out she wasn't so he was lying to me. He acts like a womanizer it makes me not like him that much anymore. So we didn't talk for two months and out of the blue he only text me twice, it's like he only came back when no one else wants to know him as he probs thinks I'm easy. I told him to leave me alone and not to contact me but seems like he didn't get the hint as he kept texting and phoning me saying that he missed me, I deleted his number also I got rid of him from Facebook, not that I'm trying to be mean it's just that he meant a lot too me when I meant so little too him I find it so hurtful how he can always lie too me, like it's okay too lie when it really isn't as I hate liars. Should I just forget about him? Is he even worth it?


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  • He's pointless. Just move on and find someone who will only want you and only want to be with you. Let him regret losing you.


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