There is no hope relationship, advice?

I'm 20 and my boyfriend is 21. we've been together for a year and damn do we love each other. I'm going to community college and in a year I plan on transfering to a university out of state to major in Ethology. After that I'll probably get an internship and then a job god knows where but basically I see a few moves in my future. My boyfriend (Who fully supports himself on a $12/hr job) wants to join the police force, He'd have to do the academy in every state I ilved in if he were to come with me and that is expensive! Basially I see no way for us to be together in the end but we really want to get married. I DO NOT WANT to break it off but I feel its best. he says I don't know what the future has in store and we should ride it out on the chance something happens and we get to stay together and have our careers.

What do we do?

I refuse to do long distance relationships btw.
I also know that the longer we stay together the more likely I'll be to give up my career in order to stay here with him.


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  • As hard as it if you should never give up your career ambitions for a boyfriend or girlfriend because its a personal goal and you will regret not filling it your entire life! And as much as you love each other you are still very young and don't know what the future holds,. Not trying to minimize your relationship but you only live once and will regret giving up your dreams . I know so many adults who did not fulfill their dreams in terms of career and they regret out so much but now have family responsibilities and can't to back to school. Plus if your relationship was what prevented that you will feel resentment later in life. While you are young and free of commitment like family or marriage make the most of it trust me. If you guys are meant to be you will reunite when you are old enough to marry


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  • If neither of you are willing to be in the same places for your future, and you won't do a long distance relationship then you guys are pretty much screwed.

    • so should we call it quits? and its not that we are unwilling its just there is no way he could move with me unless he set aside his dreams for a few more years which I don't want to ask of him

    • If you truly love him and want to be with him the rest of your life, you make compromises. Give and take. Either that or split up for now, and when you are ready to settle down maybe you can start seeing each other again (Like girl above me said)

  • yeah that is a tough decision. love can last a long distance relationship but it would be more work.

    • neither one of us would ever have enough money to come see each other.

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