Boyfriend is friends with his ex?

why is my new boyfriend ( we dated for a year before) staying friends with a girl who went crazy on him? they didn't date long. it was only for two months.

they text and email. she says she wants to see him.

i don't want to ask him about her. it makes me look insecure. so I ignore it but it bugs me a little. I know he's with me but if she was a bitch to him, why does he talk to her? he should tell her to f*** off.


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  • why does she say that? is it because he wanted to keep the doors open with her? is he lying to her about having you as his girlfriend?

    • well I wrote on his wall, implying we were back together. we're not "official." I don't know. he says they're just friends. I just saw the text and didn't ask him about. we only started dating again a few weeks ago. they broke up a month or so again.

    • she went on crazy on him. I don't know why he even talks to her.

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