Will my ex want to get back together?

So me and my ex had been talking since out break up almost 2 months ago. There wasn't a few days taht went past that we didn't talk until now its been a full week and I'm going insane! MAybe I'm just overthinking everything idk? But we hung out last Wednesday and everything seemed good normal. I figured he would text me but he hasn't I don't wanna text him Because I don't wanna seem needy. He would talk to me if he wanted to right? I broke up with him but it was a mistake I tried getting him back and he said he needed time to think. Should I try to contact him or wait for him to talk to me. I broke up with him Because he was talking to some other girl that I didn't know and when I asked him about it it was like it was my fault? and he didn't say sorry or anything and I was just suspicious so I thought the worst obviously which I know I should have just talked about it with him. I love him so much and just wanna be with him. Do you think he just needs more time and will come to me if he wants to talk or even get back together? I know he isn't seeing anyone.


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  • You both need yoour independence at this age. Don't worry about fault or what not, it waws just time for obth of yor to live a little and not be tied down at such an early age.


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  • I would give it another week. Maybe send him a 'hey' text to see how he is doing. I'm assuiming you guys didn't hang out much before Wednesday and since he hasn't texted you since you guys did hang out, he is probably thinking about his feelings. If he said he needed more time he could be weighing out the pros and cons if you guys were to get back together. I would say overall he is being cautious and is trying to figure out his options before talking to you so he doesn't toy with your emotions and end up getting the wrong impression. Wait it out, but casually sneek in a conversation here and there so he knows you are open to talk to. best of luck.

    love and peace. Jenna


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