How to get a guy back?

he liked me forever but never had a girlfriend before we were hanging out every day after he begged me to give him a chance and we faught cause he heard a lie and ran away from the situation and said that's why he doesn't have gfs cause he doesn't like fighting. how can I get him back? I really started to gain feelings for him


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  • To get him back.. Hummm.. Well.. Try.. Just try

    Some girls don't relise its not what you do its that you did something.. You tried

    When ever I say someone has to do something to prove something all I'm asking is they try.. I don't care what they do.. But its fun to watch.. Some people do strange things

    But I guess its also a matter of what the lie was

  • well good comunication is key and if you asked me its not worth it... my girlfriend did something simalur and I was real sad about it but I told my self if that's what its gonna be like I don't want that


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