Did boyfriend end the relationship?

He told me on our first date that he needs to trust himself before he dated me but he then said a while after that he needs to get over that because he doesn't want to lose such a great girl like me. That was a month ago. he told me this morning that he is feeling skeptical again about us and that he doesn't know what to do. he has a lot going on lately like drumline, competitions every Saturday, a lot of homework, he's a senior so he is stressed about college stuff and he said that I would be a burden to him if we were still together. He thinks that he wouldn't commit all that he wants into our relationship because he would be so distracted and busy. I told him that I would be OK with not hanging out for a few weeks just so that he could have his space and time to think but he just wanted to end it. he wants to be friends though since we were never friends before we dated. he wants to go back to Stage 1 it seems because he also said that he can see us getting back together in our future. I said that it's a one sided decision so what ever he wanted to do I couldn't control despite my pleading to stay together and push past this.

How should I act around him now? We have 1st period together and we used to walk to each others' classes together and I would go out to his car with him at break. do I still do that or just completely stop walking with him. also, when is contact too much? we are still going to the pumpkin patch this Sunday together like we planned. How should I act since we are no longer together.

sorry for the long details. I'm just so confused!


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  • He must be a great guy if you want to be with him so bad at 16. I wasn't ready for a serious relationship till my early 20s and every guy is different. Most guys and many girls need to go date a lot and experience other people to know what makes them happy ultimately but you know this.

    I think you just have to act like a friend to him. Walk with him sometimes and don't at other times. Do what makes you happy. Don't concentrate on him as much. Not being serious isn't a terrible thing at your age, I know it hurts :(. If you guys are meant to be it will work out though in time.

    I just went though a break up just over a week ago, the love of my life. I know your flashing all these thoughts in your head which is normal but in a few weeks you will have so much more figured out, really.

    Just act normal. If you guys were together a long time and are really close I think its fine to still show some more affection to him than you would other people. But really, try and work on yourself and making yourself happy. You will probably start to notice a lot of other guys that you hadn't. This has happened to me. It will be easy for you, your beautiful!


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  • Sounds like separation based on unfavorable circumstances.

    There is no reason for you to stop talking to him when you actually have class together. He just obviously demands space in other areas.

  • You're too youn to be swo worried about this. Life awaits you, don't wase time obsessing about this puppy love.

  • hmm. to me it sounds a bit more final. a lot of his stress is just going to increase and multiply sadly. ecspecially college stuff... but perhaps it is just a break, but he seems to be treating it as a temporary break up. all credit to you if you guys get back together.

    as for how you should act. I don't think there is a way you are supposed to. you can either pretend nothing hapenned or pretend you're friends. that's for the pumpkin patch. as for the walking and stuff- if he broke up with you, which is effectively where you guys are standing right now, I don't think you should do it... but that's my opinion xD.

    best of luck~!


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