Is this morally wrong?

I'm just wondering, is it morally okay to kiss a guy who is in a relationship?

My gut instinct tells me there is something wrong with this plan, but I have heard from several different friends and acquaintances that "it's just a kiss" or "it's not a big deal."

The boy in question is leading me on because he has a girlfriend already and I've received advice from my "counselor" suggesting I kiss him because then I'll know if there are any true feelings there on either side.

Now, I'm not the kind of girl to kiss someone just for the heck of it. I would do it in a heartbeat if he were single, but his relationship status concerns me. Firstly, I'm not going to be the reason they break up. Not like that. Secondly, I don't want to convey that sort of image to him or anyone. Thirdly, assuming I lost all sanity and did it, I'm pretty sure she would hunt me down and kill me.

so really I'm just interested in your opinion. Please don't judge me based on the question. It's mostly a research type thing since most of my peers seem to think this is perfectly okay. I guess I'm also looking for validation that I am correct in my assessment that there is something morally wrong with this situation.

Thank you all for restoring my faith in my fellow young people :-)


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  • If he cheats on his girlfriend with you chances are he's going to cheat on you also. Tell him to break off things with his girlfriend and you can take relationship to the next level. If he doesn't then there is nothing there and he just wants to fool around and most likely f*** you.


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  • Your counselor is wrong.

    It's not your job to initiate kisses. It's the male's job. Girls never want to appear desperate, or 'easy'. If you're interested in a guy, the only subtle hints you need to make are by approaching him and talking. Or tapping him on the shoulder, touching his arm, or tapping him in the chest, at most, while you're in the middle of a convo.

    It's always been the male's job to initially approach the girls he has an interest in. And it's been his job to initiate dates. And initiate physical intimacy by kisses, or genuine compassion with hugs. This is the way it's been for many, many years of evolution.

    The males choose. And the women will have the power on whether to accept him, or reject him. Now, whether or not he has a girlfriend or not, that doesn't matter. Let HIM make the moves and you can figure it out as you get to know each other.

    Do NOT kiss him. You can kiss him AFTER he's already kissed you. That way, if he does have a girlfriend, it's HIS @SS that will be put to shame. And then you'll know he's a deceiver.

    As far as your counselor goes, you tell him/her that he/she is full of sh*t! Infact, do me a favor ... copy this statement and paste it to a Microsoft Word document. Then, PRINT IT OUT. And give this sheet to your counselor and ask them where the f*ck their brain is.

  • All you need to do in this situation is ask yourself how you would feel if someone kissed your boyfriend, would you be OK with it, would it hurt you that he had done it and would you feel betrayed, your answer is probably yes, so treat people how you would want to be treated, this way, your get the good in life, and yes it is wrong, because you wouldn't like it done to you,and this guy is a cheat for wanting to do it while with a girl anyway, so why want to kiss someone like that, who knows what he's kissed,x

  • My opinion: It's morally wrong to kiss someone that's in a relationship.

  • Yes, it is morally wrong.

  • Yup


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