Friends with an ex - no more??

To clarify, we dated for a few months but were friends for a while before that. Things got a little messy when we broke up (as she hooked up with a mutual friend) and we lost contact for a while. Gradually I came around and things got back on track and we started to hang out as friends again. Recently one night I (drunkenly) hooked up with her best friend and now she (or her best friend) haven't spoken to me since. Did I do something wrong here? We broke up a year ago so things aren't fresh and she is still dating the guy she hooked up with before anyway! Not bothered about anything developing with her friend by the way but just wondering why I'm being shut out?


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  • You hurt her feelings. Perhaps she thinks you became friends with her again as part of a vendetta. (I'm not saying that's true on your part, but it may be what she's thinking.)


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