Why did I have to beg her to let me call her?

Just want to say thank you for looking.

Okay so here it goes...

I have met this girl in 11th grade its now been 3 years since I have seen her. The last time since I seen her was during graduation. Pretty sad day. She was going through a rough time with her boyfriend. So I thought the least I could do was be friendly so I got her some chocolate. She thought it was cute.

So we have kept in touch via text messaging for 3 years pretty much every day to every other day.There had been a 3-6month moment of silence and she messaged me one day. She tells me pretty much anything. And she always asks me for advise usually when she is having problems with her friends. She says she loves me but as a friend obviously. She calls me her best friend. I asked her a few times if she would like to hang out. Go to see a movie or go down to the beach and just talk. She would say "okay " And that would be it and when we were supposed to go out she would make up some excuse that she is hanging out with her friends or something. So I don't know is she nervous to see me after its been a while?


I finally got the balls to call her when I was at my friends 21st birthday. It was on Sunday. It went something like this...I sent her a text saying I wanna call you. And she sent me back a text saying hanging out with my friend and family don't call me. So I called her 2 times anyway and she said please stop calling me. So after a little back and forth I finally got threw to her and she picked up ha ha. I told her I just want to talk for 2 min lol.

So I had a few drinks...okay maybe a bit more and I'm not going to lie...i was a little high too lol. So I was feeling really relaxed. Other wise I would have probably not made the call cause I would be too nervous.

Everything went amazing. First thing she said and was laughing are you high... She sounded so cute over the phone. A few laughs about what I was doing at the party... I felt as though she was having fun. We talked about a show that we watched and about past times. I said I miss you and she's like a miss you too. And in a jokingly fashion I said "yeah your full of sh*t" and we laughed and she called me an a**hole and we went on. I asked why wouldn't you hang out with me has it been too long. She responded no idk..so I changed the subject. The call was about 11 min long. At the end of the call she was saying she had to go to sleep. And then I think I messed up lol...I said "good night I love you" and I meant to mean it as a friend but I don't think it sounded that way lol. She said I love you too and it was over...

So I am wondering if I should wait for her to call me. I am thinking about calling her tomorrow but I am not sure...What should I do? Why did I have to beg her to let me call her. Why won't she go out with me? What should I ask her about if I make that second phone call? Why did she message me approx 6 months after not talking? I actually tried to forget about her but I feel as if there is something between us.


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  • okay,

    i'm gonna be honest with you,and I say this from experiance..

    NOTHING good comes of a relationship where one person is constanly having to make the effort

    to get things going.

    i really think you should try to forget her,and look @ her as just a friend,because the longer you wait around thinking you guys will get together,the tougher it'll be if it doesn't go that way.

    i hope this helps:)


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