Do you think that he realizes that I'm gone for good?

Once a guy lies, you just can't believe anything else they say as it might be another lie. & he wonders why I can't talk or trust him anymore. That's how I feel at the moment even though I've known him for years I just don't want to know him anymore as he lied to me the first time. I told him to leave me alone but seems like he hasn't taken the hint as he keeps texting me now and again he told me that he missed me, even though I stopped talking to him for two months, do you think that he realizes that I'm gone for good or that it has sunk in that he was in the wrong?


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  • Ahh. I'm in a similar situation. But he lied about not lying.. and cheated.. and was a hypocritical douche. I guess his hobby was lying or something.. I swear some guys are just idiots.

    Anywhozy, I would think he would have taken to hint unless he's oblivious to the world..

    Maybe he just really misses you.

    I guess it's just your decision on whether the lie is worth loosing your friendship over.

    Also depends if you think people can change.

    And you can't know if he knows what you went through unless you tell him.

    Clearly it's on your mind, so it wouldn't hurt telling him and having that off your mind.


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  • If you've stopped talking to him for two months, yes I'm sure he's realized you're not interested in talking. Can't really say if he gets that was wrong to have lied to you though.

  • I tell girls the truth all the time. I've been slapped for it. My grandma would smack me if I lied when I was young and yell at me to not lie to girls so I won't. One girl got very mad when I agreed her friend was more attractive


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  • Lying is never okay. But was the lie really that bad that it is worth ending your relationship? Maybe he thinks if he is constantly texting you that he will get you to change your mind. If I were you I'd ignore his texts, that's more effective, he will get the point after a little while.


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