Is he flirting with me and still find me attractive? My ex and I are just friends?

I just had great conversations with my ex boyfriend today. We are still friend and we would talk on and off. We were talking about hanging out like old time. He said he wouldn't mind at all. He also said to me "watch out for me when I am drunk because he is very touchy." I told him don't worry because I dealt with worst people at work. He asked me what did the drunk guys like to do? I told him that he would try to hug me, steal a kiss from me, grab me because they think I am super cute and I have a great smile and eyes. He in turn said oh yeah that sound like me when I am around you. he playful add j/k on there. Do you think he meant what he said to me?


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  • I am sure he meant what he said. But still if you guys are just friends, then he may just be reminiscing of days past.

    • Lol its good to know that he still find me desirable. I think if he is single he wouldn't say just kidding. He said just kidding because he have a gf.

    • I'm sure there's still feelings there. But with his current situation he won't be able to pursue it further.

    • I am sure. Thanks:-D

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