Why won't my ex give me a 2nd chance?

My ex left me after an argument about work related things, nothing personal. She said I hurt her feelings. She still acts the way she did before, even obviously flirts with me. Everything seems as good as it can be considering were not together. However, I've tried to ask her out to lunch or something to talk and she pulls away. I wasn't specific in saying I wanted to talk about the relationship, but... During the break-up she said things like, I can't do this right now, we can get back together but we may have work on things, I miss you, etc. Why would she say things like this if she had no intention of trying to work things out and if she does why is she still being so hesitant about it? How long can I wait for that 2nd chance to show her how much she means to me and I want nothing more than to be there for her?


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  • Give her space and time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. She will come running once she sees you might have given up. Trust me, works every time.

    • Really, You think that will work out? How will I know that its helping? Every time I think about that sort of thing I feel like I'm giving up and I don't want to. It may help to have her feel like that but I don't want to feel like I have. So hard, I mean how much space and time before its a bust?

    • Believe me, if she really cares for you, it won't take long at all. Her just not hearing from you will eat at her. With you trying contacting her to makes things right only cements the fact that you will always be there and she needs to feel the pinch. As in, she needs to question rather you have moved on, this will help her realize she wants to be with you. And if she doesn't within a month, then move on. You can't rush love.

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