Ex boyfriend have downgraded?

Why does it seem that all of my exes have downgraded? I know I'm not the best looking girl, but my exes could do so much better haha.

Right now two of them are dating younger high school girls who seem a little slutty. I just wish they could do better than that :)


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  • The key is not to compare yourself to the girls they are now dating. I can only wish my exes do better than where I left them at, but that isn't always the case and I don't even try to compare any of their guys to myself. To be quite frank, I honestly feel no one compares to myself and that's how everyone should feel.

    It may seem superficial to you, but these younger high school slutty girls are a break from the "norm" that your exes have probably experienced. They'll quickly find out that girls are annoying and women are where long term happiness comes from, but sometimes learning that is the taking the hard route.

    Just be sure you do better, focus on making sure your next mate is an upgrade for you, and not necessarily focusing on how they compare to your exes.

    • that is so correct..just make sure also the next relationship is worth it don't just go for the looks..

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  • lol they are dating younger girls, that is better, there is no better then that

  • you make me laugh woman


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