In love with ex girlfriend?

as the question says... I'm madly in love with my ex, we had a fight and she broke up with me over something she considered as cheating but it wasnt, I simply didn't tell one of my friends (a girl) that I had a girlfriend, I don't know why but what happened has happened...

anyways she's been giving hope then tearing me apart with it, once she calls and she's the sweetest ever and she even sometimes tells me she wants to come back to me but not now maybe later (cuz she's busy with life a lot these days), and another time I call or text and she doesn't even answer and if she did she would talk to me with the worst attitude ever...

she also knows my friends and once one of my them was talking to her and she mentioned to him that she doesn't want to be with anyone atm and if she's ever gonna be in a relationship it's gonna be with me and only me.

you should know that I would give the world for this girl...

i don't know if I should hang on and wait for her to come back or leave her alone and face the fact that she's gone

but if the end of this is her being gone I won't be able to get over her...

what do you guys think? what can and should I do?

we're both in our 20's, and it's been almost a month since we broke up and two weeks since we saw each other


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's just hurt and lost her trust in you. I'm kinda going through the same thing. I want to be with him...but he did some stuff that I'm not ready to look past. But the same thing goes. If ima be with anyone its him and only him. But if he were to call right now...idk if id be to keen on speaking to him or even seeing him. So I have a hunch its the same thing with her. Id say wait if its worth it. Talk to her about working it out. Even taking it slow if that would help. And do whatever you can to show her that she can still trust you.

    Hope that helped. But trust me...shes hurting like you are.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's normal to go hot and cold if she thinks you were flirting with another girl. Just ride it out, take the anger with the sweetness, don't fight or criticize her, hug her as much as she'll allow, keep contacting even if she doesn't answer, but not too often.

    There's no magic pill for this. But it sounds like she'll eventually forgive, if not forget.


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