How to stop crushing on someone who is too good and too nice?

This is not happening to me but it is. I am a fifth year and I am crushing on a senior in my class. He is an engineering major. I am guessing he is 21 year old ( I am 22). It is not a big difference but I checked out his Facebook pictures. He such a cute kid (church, friendship, mom picture, etc). He also have pictures of other girls on his fb. I guess I need to stop because he is one of my team partner.

Should I talk to the other team member more (also another engineer)? The only thing is this guy sit in the middle and the other partner is his bff and to the far side. lol. Advice? I have common ground with them because my brother is an engineer.


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  • i'm a little unsure of what your trying to ask. BUT if he's an engineering major, he already sounds like a good guy to me. Just talk to him. What harm can it do? REAL friends should respect other friends dates or girls who they talk to.

    If you have common grounds, GREAT. Pounce. That's your Q. Why haven't you talked to him already? wtf you waiting for? lol

    • We have talked and he and his engineering friend is now my team partners! I just think maybe he is already taken and he is really a good guy (this is probably a first in a long time since my major is mostly dominated macho type of guys). Idk. I just don't want to give signs and realize that I just got burned.

    • well the least you can do is just talk to the guy. Let him know how cool of a girl you are, than just drool over him and never give yourself a chance with him. he could feel the VERY SAME about you, who knows? forget his friend, he doesn't even matter. Just talk to him and let his friend just observe, all friends are really there for is mental support. REAL friends, that is.

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  • The title to your question makes it sound like you don't like the guy because he is too nice and too good. That is exactly why guys learn not to be so nice and become jerks!

    • It is only the title but I really am crushing. He is just out of league...

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  • Go for it, talk to him anyway. Especially if you're that attracted to dude.


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