Ex broke up with me but will NOT let me go completely... why?

my ex boyfriend of 7 years will not let me go. we have been apart for 8 months and it was his decision. he knows I tried and wanted to work things out between us so many times. he changed his ways that ruined our relationship, and I've been so happy about that, but he always says he wants space. I have given it to him, but as soon as I start moving on, he pulls me back in. he tells me about how great he is doing and how it would be better for our relationship, and he tells me things like I am the only girl he will ever love, how I'm the most beautiful person he's ever known, and how good of a girl I am, etc, and I really believe him. it would drive him absolutely crazy if I got with someone else (I know because he has felt threatened with that before).

why would someone do this if they do not want to be together?


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  • you know the saying "you don't know what you got til it's gone"? I know how he feels, I was in a serious relationship for 4 years. I still think about her every now and then. I think he's afraid of losing you. I also think he's afraid of committing himself entirely to you for the rest of his life when he was with you, which is what may have helped him braking up with you.

    It's a tough decision for a man to realize that he's met the girl he wants to be with for a very long time, ya know? he's just having a hard time understanding what he wants is all. Its time for you to make your decisions about him now. If you like him, be with him. If you dont, explain to him that you and he are better off dating other people.


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  • He doesn't know what he wants. And since he feels that if you are waiting for him to figure it out then he can always fall back to you while in the meantime he can do as he pleases. If you really want to be with him then give him the option of commiting. If he says anything other then yes and proving it. You need to move on. He has had 7 years to figure it out and frankly if he doesn't see it now then he probably never will.

    So give him the option if you love him. If not move on... he feels threatened because, someone is taking his safety net away. You can't wait around forever for someone that isn't even going to try to take it where you need to be heading in a long term relationship that has spanned 7 years.

    Good Luck,


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  • I agreed with the guys here...your ex doesn't know what he wants.


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