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my friend talked to my ex. y?(I have know idea) but anyways she told me that he said that he still cares for me and misses, but y won't he talk to me? why won't he be friends with me? he can talk to everybody else about me but can't tell me. this is the same guy from my earlier questions. we used to talk as friends 2 weeks ago but then he started trippin. my boyfriend said that he thinks that he knows that he messed up and that I'm not coming back, so he's being mean to me to get over me. yes this is the 3rd time he tried to get back with me and this time I said no and he didn't like that. to sum thinks up. why is he denying his feelings and why can't he just b friends with me? that's all I want


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  • Most guys don't want to be in the friend zone. They will have to hear about all your problems with your BFs and all the time they will get mad because they want to be with you. Sure he misses you and sure he wants to be with you but, he doesn't want to be a friend. He wants to be more then a friend and since he can't have that he doesn't want anything else except that.

    Imagine the guy you like telling you about his sex problems with his current Girlfriend and how she doesn't like this and then won't do that and all the while you are wanting to be his love interest and knowing all that you get angry. Because you on the inside want him to be a saint and not do any of that with her but, with you. Does that help you see his side any better? How about if I add that he tells you about every girl that hits on him and every girl he has a fantasy about and all the while you are waiting for him to realize that he likes you and with a shread of luck likes you back. Make more sense?

    The friend zone is for people who want to be there. Most of them don't want to be there so they are always working to be more then friends. That is why some get mad to hear your hard times and hang up and the others help you work through it.

    Good Luck,

  • k first off, don't say "this is the same guy in my last question", its not like I keep track of your questions AND your anonymous above any further reason... anyway, I think he's too much of a wuss to talk to you in person and needs your friends to talk to you for him. He sounds like he needs to grow up and learn how to resolve this between you and he, because that what this is all about, right?


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