What should my next move be with my ex boyfriend?

Ok so me and my ex boyfriend broke up about 8 months ago. He called it off said we argued too much, scared of commitment etc. We have been in contact and are friends but he has been hot and cold towards me so I have deicded to just let him be and ignore him.

Anywho I am best friends with his room mate and we were going out one night, anyway he came home with a friend - he said hi I sort of ignored him but was civil, he followed me to th room and said I looked great and tried to make conversation with him. I wasn't interested.

Anywho his mate - he just met at uni - was talking to me and we were becoming chatty and I don't think my ex liked that. My friend and I left to go out and we had a great time. My ex and his mate had gone out also and he wasn't home yet. I fell asleep on the couch and at about 3am my friend received a call from her boyfriend who was with my ex. He asked her if I was in my ex's bed ( I fell asleep there once when I thought he wasn't coming home). She told him no.

Her boyfriend then said oh...ok then...she should totally not be in his bed...in this really weird tone. My ex was in the background telling him to shut up.Anywho they come home and woke up the whole house etc. Long story short I was offered the bed and I agreed - I told my ex to stay on his side of the bed and to not touch me etc. That was fine but then he got a bit too touchy feely - I couldn't help myself and one thing led to another. I also received a text message and he was trying to read it and kept asking me who it was from!

Then he wanted cuddles and I mean cuddles - he wouldn't let me go! We laughed and had a nice time. He brought up about us arguing and I told him I didn't want to argue with him anymore etc. I left to go to lunch with his housemate while he was still sleeping. I kissed him goodbye and he mumbled something and I left.

What should my next move be? I do want him back I also realized that us sleeping tofether was fun and exciting but I know not to get my hopes up or expect it to mean anything - we had a great time and that's what it was! But what should I do? Do I text him or wait for him to text me? We will be attending the same birthday party this Saturday!


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  • You have a good time together, just let it happen and don't spend a lot of time planning 'moves.'

    What did you expect to happen when you agreed to share hte bed? ;


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