Did ex move on this fast?

my boyfriend and I had been together for over a year. we had been having some fights recently but it never led to ending the relationship and we both really loved each other. then yesterday he broke up with me because apparently I said something that angered him when I took him to the devils game Thursday night and then he saw a picture on Facebook of me sitting next to a guy who he knows is just a friend. based on what the fights have been over before these seemed like nothing but pathetic excuses to break up with me. although I am really hurt by it I didn't want to argue with him about it because I figured if he's looking for excuses to break up, its for a reason. but the same night (last night) we both ended up at the same party and he was drinking with his friends having a great time. he seemed so happy and uneffected by the breakup but I did not feel the same way at all. after all that we had been through I don't think its possible for him to be so over me that quickly but he truly did seem happy. is this just his initial reaction and he will maybe be more upset or effected over time or did he really get over me in less than a day?


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  • He's hurting. Guys don't show it like girls. Especially out in public


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