Girl I'm dating says she likes me but doesn't like me a lot?

when talking about becoming exclusive, the girl I'm dating said she's attracted to me and likes me..but doesn't like me a lot. so she didn't want to be exclusive. Hence we broke up. I'm quite cut up over this and feeling low. I'd like to know and advice on how I should get her back and get her to like me a lot. also, what her words actually mean.. Thank you. appx 1.5 months dating..


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  • If this girl isn't that into you, then what do you hope to gain by getting her back? It's not as if she hasn't given you a chance - you went out for a month and a half, she got to know you, and decided you weren't quite right for her.

    Yeah, it sucks, but I'd personally rather be in a relationship with someone who I know cares about me than someone who's wishy-washy. That just never ends well.

    • because it seemed as though she did like me a lot. before the exclusive talk, things were great. I am also really into her. it was hard to believe and I admittedly was a little shocked. there are some awful sleezeball type guys who are trying to get with her. and she doesn't out right reject them. she stays friends with them or/and goes out with them too (vie heard this and seen it once with my own eyes).. when she's with me, she seems so happy. always smiling and laughing (the kind ...

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    • As far as the rest of what you're saying, sure, call it noble or whatever that you're trying to keep her away from these "sleazeballs," but:

      You cannot decide for someone what they do or should find attractive. You come up with a list of qualities that you think should make them unattractive, but maybe she doesn't care that they're not wealthy, not smart, and don't look like Zac Efron. Maybe their personality just clicks with her, or maybe you're getting the wrong impression about them entirely.

    • its not just her being friendly and enjoying my company. we were dating and hooking up a lot. we were basically a couple. But in retrospect, she did some things which I don't feel a person old do if they really liked another person. The naiveness in me felt she was inconsiderate and disrespectful. That angered me, however, I realized that one wouldn't do that to a person they really liked. So I guess she didn't care that much after all. Maybe having fun with me or using me (in a non evil way..

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