Does guy want me back?

lately I've been talking to my ex ALOT

well he's the one writing me on fcb chat all the time

and I don't mind it cause I do still love him

but its weird

since he ignored me for 4 months..while he was in the army

and now he isn't anymore and has no plans of going back

so he talks to me...whenever I come home and tell him I just got home he's like where you been? or he aksed me if I slept with other guys than him when we broke off and I said yes 1 and he was like oh really ;) and he shows me pictures of hot women and tells me how hot they are etc..but at the same time he is fun and loving ..the only reason we broke up was cause he was to far away ..

so guys is he just friendly or does he want me -.- I mean guys usually don't talk to a ex they don't like..


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  • Hey!

    I have had a similar experience, I think he wants you back because the only reason you guys broke up is because he was too far away! He must not have appreciated the fact that you slept with another guy while he was away ( well I wouldn't lol) so he tries to make you jealous by showing you pictures of other women since he can't tell you he slept with someone at the military because that would be gross lol! ( he would definitely just want to be friends in that case haha).

    Letting a girl go is not easy for a guy too, he always feel he has a connection with you and that fact must have crushed him so he's trying to get you back so you can't sleep with no one else then him.

    There is also the fact that he didn't have sex for 4 months so he would like a bit of intimacy with a lady and you are the one he feels he can with the easiest since you are his ex ( I know this may sound rude but it's the sad truth sometimes). If you miss him too then give him a chance to show you more of what he wants, but he definitely wants to get closer to you.

    Hope this helped you! Good luck!

    Sam E.

    • Thanks :) but the thing is that

      when he was in the army he felt tough and wanted to be with his guys..because in real he is so calm and he's a comp nerd and he thought he was cool with the big boys so he didn't show up to meet me and instead went out and partied etc and ignored me totally..and now his alone and I don't know what has got into him..

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