What's my ex girlfriend playing at?

To cut the story really short we broke up 6 months ago after 3 years due to arguing and not seeing eye to eye. I'm 22 she's 21.

There was strict nc from the breakup apart from an email from her 5 days after we broke up in which I told her to just leave me alone. About 3 weeks after we broke up she blocked me on fb. We're not friends on there and she could only see my basic profile picture and vice versa. About 3 months ago, I noticed she had unblocked me on fb and 2 days later blocked me again. I heard nothing until 2 months ago where she emailed me and I noticed she unblocked me on fb again. I was really surprised and it was more or less small talk, her asking how I'm doing, how I've been etc. We exchanged about 3-4 emails before I told her I had to go as I was heading out. It was nice, she seemed happy and friendly telling me she's been busy etc. Anyway, about 2 weeks later it was my b-day and I didn't receive any happy birthday message etc. 3 weeks later she decides to block me on fb again :S. I was quite upset by it so I emailed her asking why she did that as I thought everything was cool now. All she said was 'I don't know'. I asked her how she was feeling and she said 'hmm, I'm not too bad I suppose'. Quite a bit different to the first time she contacted me where she seemed upbeat and happy. At this point it was my religious celebration so early in the next morning she emailed me saying 'happy celebration' or something along those lines. Why did she ignore my b-day but send me a happy celebration email? It's been a month now since I've heard anything since and I'm still blocked on fb.


5 days ago I see she unblocks me on fb again and sends me an email saying 'hey why have you put on your fb, I thought we both agreed not to'. I thought why bring this up 6 months later just because I put it up. Basically we ad family issues so when we were together we never put the uni on our fb's in case families found out but seriously why would that matter now? Anyway, I ignored her email, then 2 days later she pokes me! I ignored that then the next day se messages me on fb saying the exact same thing as she did in the email. I never responded to that but I changed my settings so that only friends could see the university name, so now she won't be able to see it.

What's happening? Does she still have feelings? Is it games? Does she want me to chase her? I'm really confused. Thanks in advance to any help and advice given. Sorry if it was too long.

No one else have any input for me? Apologies for the length of my story I just really need outside views on my situation. Thank you.


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  • wtf... is that how you "cut the story really short"?! lol...

    • Lol sorry I have no idea why I said that.

    • full story would have taken about four pages of typing in a 12 point font with single spacing...

    • haha sorry, thought this was mine

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  • she seems very confused about the situation like mine... she still likes you, but it seems as though she is unsure whether she wants to be your friend, not your friend, with you, or lose contact completely

    • Thanks for taking the time to read it. I realized it was pretty long after I submitted the q and couldn't see an edit button anywhere lol. I realized our stories were quite similar in a way.

    • np

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