Why did we break up?

hi I'm a complete mess and I would really really love some help. ill start off with some background info... OK me and my ex were together for 13 months, we broke up last week. the reason being that he says he doesn't love me anymore and that he's happier now single and he doesn't miss me so he knows that he doesn't wanna get back. I can't believe that he stopped loving me after a week because our relationship was so good and we were both happy and he would often call us "perfect".. we met up yesterday so we could both get closure in the situation and it pretty much involved me crying my eyes out at first but after a while we both started laughing with each other and smiling just like we did when we were together.. when I got home he called me 2 hours later and says that he was sorry that he put me through this and he's sorry that it happened. and since then we Haven't talked at all. I miss him so much and every single thing reminds me of him, how could he not even think of me? we had a whole year of memories together! could he really be over me and have no feelings? right now I'm so tempted to call him just to hear his voice because I miss him so much. can somebody please try to explain to me what he's thinking, and if there is anyway I can get our relationship back together? do I call him and be friends with him and show him I'm happy? or erase him completely? aahhh somebody please help me!
i know it says 30-35 but I'm 18 and he's 19... I know this is a lot to read but I would reaaallly appreciate it
also he is very bipolar and tends to change his mind a lot


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  • How many reasons does he have to give you, before you stop asking Why he broke up with you?

    He doesn't love you.

    He's happier single.

    He doesn't miss you.

    Is that not enough? How can you still ask "why did we break up?" Are those three reasons not good enough?

    "I can't believe that he stopped loving me after a week "

    A guy can stop loving a girl in about two seconds flat, with the right reasons. So I really don't think that's a problem.

    "our relationship was so good and we were both happy "

    Clearly it wasn't. You couldn't tell that he wasn't as happy as you after all.

    And even if he was slightly happy, he's happier now single. So of course he'd rather be single.

    "could he really be over me and have no feelings? "

    Yes, easily. He doesn't hate you or anything (that's obvious from trying not to hurt you.) But he's over you. Totally.

    "if there is anyway I can get our relationship back together? "

    No. There isn't. It's over. It happens to practically everyone. Learn from it, and move on.

    • you said with the right reasons he could stop.. but I've actually given him everything he wanted, he even said so. and when I was with him the day before we broke up I could tell he still loved me from the look in his eyes.. also we've broken up in the past before and he's said all the same things and he regreted it after and told me he can't live without me... are you sure there's no way I can get him back? I don't want to move on :(

    • I very much doubt it, but that's only my opinion.

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  • He cares about your feelings; he doesn't want to see you get hurt any worse than necessary. But that doesn't mean he wants to get back together with you. Based on what he said, it sounds like you two are finished; I would put him in the rear-view mirror and move on.


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  • I think, in time, everything will be okay. He'll realize how much he does miss you. He's a boy. He won't admit he misses you. He won't admit he messes up until he realizes it. Don't worry, and keep your head up. He'll come to his senses.


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