Getting my ex back. How could I get what I want out of this situation?

2 Months ago, my ex dumped me. She promised to be friends, but she hasn't talked to me after that. 2 days ago, I asked her if she regrets dumping me and she said yes, but was happy to stay friends. She also apologized for not talking to me for the past 2 months. She said it was because she didn't want another girl, who has shown clear signs of liking me, to feel jealous. I told my ex that the other girl and I would only ever be friends, and I don't think she realizes that I still love her.

So, how can I tell this other girl that I don't love her and not make the situation awkward while getting my ex back.

Thank you very much for whoever is willing to answer. :)


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  • Your ex is over you; it's time to move on. As for the other girl, if you're not interested, just don't ask her out. If she makes a move on you, just tell her you're flattered but not interested.

  • Well Aeris is gonna die in Act 2 anyway so you don't want her back. Make sure you take all her stuff before then too.

    And just tell Tifa you don't like her as more than friends. She'll understand, it's canon.

    -Real Answer-

    Don't use the word love, she doesn't need to hear that you don't LOVE her when you haven't ever dated, just say hey, I don't like you like that. And she'll be sad for like 2 days then better.

    With your ex, you probably won't get her back. Exes for a reason, too young, etc. If you do have a chance of getting her back you probably already know how, and it's something only you would know to do for her.


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