When you see your recent ex girlfriend?

whats the best way to act when you see your recent ex girlfriend at social gathering and she's with another guy? ignore her, go to her and meet her, meet the guy, just casually meet her, hit on other girls etc.. I'm totally loss. I saw her on Sat night. It hurt so much. I'm still sad about it..


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  • Tough question, depends on a lot of circumstances like how the break-up went, if it was anyone's fault, if there are a lot of hurt feelings, then it may be too hard/awkward/difficult to say hi.

    Generically I say be a gentleman; go say hi to her, meet/introduce yourself to who she's with--it speaks highly of your character.


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  • How long did you date and how long have you been broken up?

    • DATED APPX 5 MONTHS. And broke up about 1.5 months ago

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    • Do both. Drop off for a week and then ask her out for a drink.

    • cool thanks. email me a message on gag. I'll let you know how stuff turns out.. and you can give me more advice too.

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  • just smile. don't go up and say hi, don't ignore her. if she comes up to you be civil towards her but keep conversation short. she's your ex now, you don't have to treat her like a queen

    • cool. but I do want her back bro

  • I say begin spreading rumors about her having an STI and hope it gets to her boyfriend. I.e put your number on private and call her when she leaves her handbad somewhere and just say that you're the pathologist ringing her up to give her a positive result on an AIDS test.


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